If you are talking about the new iPhone coming out, then you must know that there is a craze about it.  It is quite obvious that all Apple iPhones have impeccable designs. They have brought about the revolution in the world of touch screen technology. The body frame antenna is the significant quality of the set. They have introduced an efficient scheme of a single button. There is an efficient silence slide button is extremely a great addition to the technology. It possesses the camera of 8 mega pixels and the lens of the camera is extremely amazing. It produces a great deal of pictures in minor space. All the apps that are in the device are running more efficiently and quicker as compared to the counterpart. The prices are very high. All these qualities are the reasons of the increasing craze of the iPhones these days.

The iPhone 6 Is The New iPhone Coming Out:

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are introduced, some months back in the market. They are getting popular among the customers due to dynamic features. These sets are enjoying the competitive phase of the current year 2015.

Key Features of the iPhone 6:

It was the rumor about the iPhone 6 that it would never be launched, but it launched in September 2014. It was the most expected new iPhone coming out in the year of 2014. The qualities of this set is dynamic and amazing.

  1. The network technology of this device is latest and based on GSM/LTE/EVDO/HSPA/CDMA.
  2. It has a dimensional body that is of about 138.1*67* 6.9mm.
  3. The weight of the device is 129 grams.
  4. It is a nano SIM device.
  5. It is offering touch ID system.
  6. The display of the phone is superb. The type of the device is LED. Touch screen and colors 16M.
  7. The size of the device is 4.7 inches and multi touch functions. The zoom display is a great protection to the display technology.
  8. It has the technology of Dual Core CPU. This CPU is 1.4 GHZ Cyclone.
  9. The power of the GPU is VR X6450.
  10. The camera is showing the amazing results. The quality of the camera is extremely great and dynamic. The features of the camera are dynamic in terms of HD video, recording images and touch system.
  11. The sound technology is highly efficient, because it has the quality of exclusive ringtones and vibration.

There’s no genuine challenge for the device, evidently the iPhone 6s are demonstrating fantastically prevalent, so well-known indeed that Apple’s required to offer a lot more its models before it offers the device, as indicated by an investigator. The design of the set is incredible that it will never fade out. The design of the device is unique and stylish. It gives class and style to the consumer who has this dynamic set in the hands.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s (Apple) Official Video

The New iPhone Coming Out is iPhone 7:

The new iPhone coming out is iPhone 7 that is incredible in features, design and quality. The quality of the technology is very high that will make you crazy about it. The design of the device is very stylish and unique. It will give you a great charming and attractive personality while you are holding the stylish set in your hands. It is very true to say that it is widely speculated. It is the beautiful set with innovative and cutting edge technology. It makes the device more popular among the clients.

new iphone coming out

New iPhone 7 Coming Out

Features of the iPhone 7:

It is the device that has proven the great invention because it is highly innovative and the feature are extremely dynamic that are increasing the value of the set. Some key features of the device are given as under:

  1. This iPhone 7 is 4.7 inch is about to be launched in September 2016.
  2. Its battery life is dynamic and very effective for the consumers.
  3. It is offering a double lens cam offers ‘DSLR-like’ picture quality completely persuading. This is a key territory for each new iPhone and would be something Tim Cook could fabricate a dispatch presentation around. The impacts of the LinX procurement likely won’t be felt for another era of the iPhone, however the organization’s 3D cam sensors ought to show up in future iPhones.
  4. The iPhone 7 could get a USB-C port, yet we think this is improbable. The change from 30-pin to Lightening is sufficiently late (and was sufficiently difficult for some clients) that to switch again now would be exceedingly controversial.
  5. The iPhone 7 will have a quicker processor, presumably names the A9, joined by an M9 co-processor. It could brag cam upgrades (despite the fact that investigators say it won’t), and also better battery life and new highlights, for example, remote charging.
  6. It has a touch screen system, the touch ID fingerprint sensor is very efficient. That sensor is inside the home button, could be manufactured into the whole show, taking out the requirement for a Home catch and making space for a bigger showcase without extending the general size of the cell phone.
  7. The three dimension screen and the variety of colors will give you great choice.
  8. The features of the camera are very different from the other, it is the greatest invention in the history of the cell Phone. It will come out with dual lenses with great quality pictures.
  9. It is the rumor about it that will have the 21 mega pixel camera.
  10. This double lens camera will allow to have the quality of optical zoom and have the tendency to improve the quality of pictures in low light.
  11. It will possess the USB charging port as well.

New iPhone 7 Coming Out

It is easy to use because it is having the qualities more than features. The design is straightforward, with everything given a demonstrate image and innocence, for example, Settings or Camera.